Corporate Communications of
Sustainable Sourcing Database

Explore how the world’s top multinational food manufacturing corporations
communicate their work on sustainably sourcing agricultural products

This corporate communications of sustainable sourcing database is a tool to quickly and easily find categorized information about how corporations are publically communicating their values, goals, progress, and partnerships related to the sustainability of sourcing their agricultural products.

The Corporate Communications of Sustainable Sourcing database is part of a larger project created by the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis and the Information Center for the Environment. The Sustainable Sourcing of Global Agricultural Raw Materials Project assesses the best ways to indicate the sustainability of sourcing practices, looking from global- to field-level concerns.

ASI and ICE are creating a Sustainable Sourcing Platform—a set of online tools semantically linked to harness the extensive and disparate data about agricultural sourcing and create opportunities to explore ways to measure and accelerate progress toward sustainable sourcing. Learn more about the Sustainable Sourcing Project here.

The database contain 641 quotations on corporate sustainability practices. To use the database, sort by the categories to the left, or enter search terms for specific language used by corporations in their communication products. This database application is best used on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10 or higher.